Divide and conquer phylogenetic supermatrices and supertrees in R.


Create and Query a Local Copy of GenBank in R.


Automated Retrieval of Orthologous DNA Sequences from GenBank.

A roadmap for global synthesis of the plant tree of life

phylotaR: An automated pipeline for retrieving orthologous DNA sequences from GenBank in R

Access content Open-access! Abstract: The exceptional increase in molecular DNA sequence data in open repositories is mirrored by an ever-growing interest among evolutionary biologists to harvest and use those data for phylogenetic inference.

restez: Create and Query a Local Copy of GenBank in R


An R package for manipulating phylogentic trees.

Phylogenetic factorization of compositional data yields lineage-level associations in microbiome datasets

Protecting free-living dormice: molecular identification of cestode parasites in captive dormice (Muscardinus avellanarius) destined for reintroduction

treeman: an R package for efficient and intuitive manipulation of phylogenetic trees

Access content Open-access! Abstract: BACKGROUND: Phylogenetic trees are hierarchical structures used for representing the inter-relationships between biological entities. They are the most common tool for representing evolution and are essential to a range of fields across the life sciences.